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New advertisements are being aired on a large screen in front of JR Kawaguchi Station! (from March 11 to 24)



Dr.Shin Wedge Pillow” is a product of Korean company AH, for which we are the exclusive distributor in Japan.


We are now running a new advertisement on a large screen in front of JR Kawaguchi Station.


The advertisement will be aired every 15 minutes (about 52 times a day) between 7:00 and 22:00 every day for 2 weeks from March 11 (Mon.) to 24 (Sun.).


We are very pleased to take this opportunity to inform more people about the features and appeal of our products.



Dr.Shin Wedge Pillow is a product developed to improve the quality of sleep and to prevent reflux esophagitis through the proper angle under the supervision of a physician.


Please keep an eye on the monitor when you use JR Kawaguchi Station!



For more information about the product or to purchase, please visit the official store below.




Dr.Shin Wedge Pillow is here to help make your everyday life better.