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We have opened a special site for “Wilds-Tex Camping Chair/Bed/Table”.



We are the exclusive distributor of the “Wilds-Tex Mosquito Repellent Chair, Bed, and Table” by Dayou Innovations, Taiwan.


We are pleased to announce the opening of a special website in advance of the pre-order sales in the middle of next month.




We hope you will take a look.



The biggest attraction of this product is that it is made of mosquito repellent material.


This product was developed with a focus on “insect bites,” which are by far the most common problem of summer campers, so that they can enjoy a more comfortable outdoor life.


“Wilds-Tex mosquito repellent chair / Bed / Table” will be available for test-marketing on Makuake, a “support purchase service,” in the middle of next month.


Please look forward to it.