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Over 13 million yen in support on Makuake! Here is some customer feedback.



Rollite multifunctional bag, a product of DYDASH, Taiwan, which received more than 13 million yen in support purchases on Makuake.



We have just finished delivering the product to our supporters last month and have received very positive feedback, which we would like to share with you.



~~~~~Translate in English~~~~~

・I received the product today!
I immediately watched the video on how to use it and tried out the bags in various shapes. I was very happy to see that all the bags were easy to transform, and the bags themselves are gusseted well, making them very easy to use!
I will be using them in many different situations!
Thank you very much!


・I received it and it is very light! I immediately went out shopping with it. I want to carry it with me every day!


・I received it! Lightweight and a good size. It fits me perfectly.


・I received it today and I am using it right away. Thank you.


・I received it yesterday and have been using it immediately for this three-day weekend trip.
This is a good product! I want to get a different color. 


・It arrived safely today.
I regretted it as I held and touched the actual product.
Why did I buy only one?
It looks so easy to use, and I am sure I will use it many times. I will start using it tomorrow.


・I received it yesterday and am using it today.
It is exactly the kind of bag I wanted for work! I also bought a different color for my personal use, so I am looking forward to using it today!



And, in response to the popularity of the product, the official store is scheduled to open on March 20 (Wed.) at 6:00 p.m!

We will finally start general sales. Please look forward to it.